1st week of Junior year.!

My first week of junior year(11th), has been okaye for the most part considering it’s school and there’s nothing enjoyable about that.! XD My favorite classes so far is BIM 1, Geometry and child development. What’s is good about being a Junior is you only have 1 more year after til you graduate and move on in your life to much bigger and better things.! School may be a pain to most people because you may not use any of it when your older at a job you apply for or anything but you will miss everybody you grew up with over the years and for me it’s 12 years so far I’ve known  and grew up with my other classmates. I’ll miss it when it all comes to an end in June of 2016.

Nancy the Nightingale


DOB: 5/30/1995

Weight: 0.9 ounces

Age: 16

Phone:(903)-238-3593  (cell), (Home) (903)-123-4567

Address: 101, Tree Branch AVE,  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, 75693

Recent jobs: A singer at a Nursing Home in White Leaf,  California,

About me: I am a sweet Nightingale that sings people asleep. I am very good with children and little babies. I can sing my beautiful songs that keep people asleep at night when they had a hard day. My songs also sooth you, so you can just stay come and relax. I am 16 years old and very smart and strong. I would love to work at a little kid Nursery if i had the chance to because all kids love me. I don’t fall asleep very much because I wait til my boss or the sweet people I’m taking care of is sound asleep. I am a very loving and caring bird, and I’m hoping I can get a job at a Nursery soon.

College: ATM singing night college for birds

Skills: I am very small and fragile but I’m very strong and smart for my age. I can carry everything in my beak, so If you need a letter or something sent off, I’m your girl!!! I am also very fast and have lots of energy.

What classes I’m in: Spanish Class, Choir, Delivery class, and Woodshop

Television: Voice, Bird Idol,  Birdie X Factor

Radio stations: Breeze 95.3, 93.1, 105.7








The time I was in my Science class…

The day I went to Science, was the best day of my life.. I learned the MOON PHASES: There’s the NEW MOON, WAXING CRESCENT, FIRST QUARTER, WAXING GIBBOUS, FULL MOON, WANING GIBBOUS, LAST QUARTER, and the WANING CRESCENT. As the MOON PHASES change, I also learned that we the Sun is shining light on one side, that the Sun is not shining all over there Moon, the light is just on one side of the Moon. I realized that the gravitational pull from Moon is pulling on Earth’s surface water and that causes the oceans to bulge on the side closest to Earth. There is two names for something like this: The LOW and  HIGH TIDES. The high tide is when the water is at its highest and the Low tide is when the water is at a low level. At times, two regions on Earth are experiencing  high tides and two regions are experiencing low tides. Some places can have up to two High tides and two Low tides each day. When the tides are a go, they have SPRING TIDES and NEAP TIDES.  The Spring tides are when there is a great difference between the high and low tides. The Neap tides are when there is a least difference between the Low and High tides. But the one thing Ididn’t know was that the Sun is also a star!! The Star is a sphere of hot, glowing gases that is giving off its own lights and is held together by the gravity.By fact, the Sun provides Earth with huge amounts of energy in the forms of heat and light. The last thing I learned was the surface of the Sun was called the Photosphere. The Photosphere gives off most of the light that Earth receives from the Sun. But always remember, the WAXING grows and is always on the right and the WANING is always on the left.

                                        That’s what I learned in Science class today…

What I learned about Ecology…..

Sharks eat baby fishy’s…rawr!!!

Squids like to munch on miniature crabs…yummy!

Even though tigers are tough, that doesn’t mean they have to be rough!

Even though squids are slimy, doesn’t mean they have to whiny!

I am the prey to a man-eating horse, and i hope i can get back to see the sea shore.

I am hoping i can catch my daily meal, when if i have to save a eel.

Even though I’m soft and cozy, i am still the best from east to west.

I dont care that i have a niche, as long as i have my friend that’s rich.

I have a neighbor that howls at night, but in the mornings he’s sleeping tight.

I don’t mind that i have a dog, even though he’s a rat eating hog.

I have a snake that’s long and slimy, but i don’t care cause he’s a lil bit snobby.


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